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Where will the first session take place?

We will meet initially to explore what has brought you to the session, what you would like to get out of the sessions and how we might work together. We can do this indoors or outdoors if you feel comfortable and ready to do that. If we start indoors we can decide, when you are ready, to have the sessions outdoors and where that might take place.

Where will we go?

I use the footpaths on canals, fields and wooded areas of the Colne and Holme valleys in West Yorkshire. Although there is public access on the walks, it is not overrun with people and there are lots of opportunities to get off the track in order to walk and sit in more private spaces.

For health and safety and insurance reasons I only use the areas I have risk-assessed.

Can I bring my dog?

Unless yours is a registered support dog I suggest you do not combine your therapy session with walking the dog.

Do I have to be fit?

You do not need to be ‘super fit’, used to walking or even being outdoors – we can go at any pace. The routes I use are easy.

How does it work going outside – what will we do?

The session usually lasts for one hour though we can arrange for longer in advance.

We will agree initially what we want to focus on within the session and then we will simply walk and talk as we go. We might do more focused work which means we may stay in one spot for a while.

What happens when the weather is bad?

There are very few occasions when the weather is so bad it makes it impossible to go out… waterproofs help… but we can arrange, if necessary, to have the session indoors.

Is it private and what happens if we meet others on the walk?

It is very important that you feel safe and that our sessions are confidential. All the usual counselling agreements concerning confidentiality apply if we are outdoors as well as indoors. If we happen to meet someone – familiar or unfamiliar to us – we will have agreed in the first session how we will deal with this to ensure this confidentiality is maintained.

How many sessions will I need?

If we agree to work together after the initial meeting, I usually suggest we continue for 8 – 12 sessions and review after these what we do next. See Sessions and Fees