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The connection between nature and psychotherapy has helped me a lot in my healing process and has really been a life changing choice from the start. I have been enthusiastic about the concept from the very beginning, because I love walking, but conventional therapies often take place in closed rooms. With Elaine’s warm and understanding support, I felt safe at all times and gradually found my way back to new self-confidence. With her help I have learned to classify my behaviour better and to discover and use my own abilities. Nature offered a perfect space for this. Outside in the landscape, many things appear in a different light, thoughts can move more freely and nature can have an earthy and calming effect. Like life, roaming through nature is an accumulation of many small steps, sometimes over stony, sometimes flat surfaces, but there is always a way forward. An outdoor therapy uses the beneficial influences of nature and can help to rediscover the ingredients for a happier life. Erica


I came to Elaine feeling confused and unsure, how could she help if I didn’t even know what was wrong?  A combination of how quickly she makes you feel comfortable and the beauty of the landscape made a potentially daunting experience feel incredibly safe and supported.  I truly feel the surroundings gave me a different experience and this, along with Elaine, helped me make connections I can’t imagine I would have reached otherwise. I would describe the whole process as life changing, a term I do not use lightly, and I feel very grateful to have had this experience of counselling in such a special way, even on the occasionally soggy day.  Karen


The experience of talking outdoors with Elaine was fantastic. Being up high with beautiful views felt liberating and really helped give me the sense of freedom to speak openly. Elaine’s ability to really hear where you’re coming from and relate that to the underpinning theories helped me understand myself in a way I had never appreciated before. It really has been a life changing experience.

Thank you again.  Lesley