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I am now offering outdoor counselling sessions in line with safe distancing measures. There are several walks near my practice where we can safely and confidentially walk and talk.
I also offer a safe indoor consultation space in my own home in line with safe distancing measures.

We are all affected by the Covid-19 virus, whether that’s dealing with the day to day restrictions, managing relationships, work disruptions, financial difficulties, concerns for the health of loved ones or concerns for your future. Perhaps for you there are some additional difficulties that are overwhelming. Talking things through might help you find ways to manage your situation better.

The safe confidential space near my practice allows us to sit overlooking a wood, an open field and wonderful views down the valley. This can often help us get perspective on our current situation. We will walk to this space and sit on my chairs or you can bring your own.There is one stile to negotiate.

An online counselling session is an hour long session through the safe online platform Zoom. You will need access to a laptop, PC or smart phone and to have a quiet safe space within your home.

If you would like to find out more about these sessions, please either email me or give me a ring to find out whether this approach is right for you. Contact me here