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What does spirituality mean to you?

To me it means connecting with the awe, wonder and energy of life, and I have different ways of connecting. Sometimes it is when I am being still and centred in meditation, sometimes it is on a walk in nature. I feel a presence.

Sometimes I notice it when I am in my pottery class, after the initial chatter, there is a collect ‘hum’ where we are all focused on our activity and other times it is when I am sitting alone in my favourite bakery cafe watching the bread and food being prepared by the staff or listening to the quiet chatter of customers. I notice a feeling of bliss.

Other times I feel connected when I swim or ride my bike, I feel energised not just from the activity but from a deeper connection to something other than myself. I experience joy

I have been on a spiritual journey for many years. I have found ways to explore this and make it a central part of my life. I have developed a spiritual practice that is not affiliated to any one religion but is my own personal spirituality and practice that supports my health and well-being and brings meaning to my life.

I am trained as a Spiritual Companion through the spiritual companion trust www.https://spiritualcompanions.org/ and offer one to one or group spaces to support your spiritual journey.

who goes on a spiritual journey?

It may start with a painful wake up call; from a major life event, from illness, bereavement or loss of some kind.

It could come from the realisation that filling your life with work is suddenly not working for you. You’re really good at what you do for a living, but now there’s an emptiness that doesn’t feel good.

It could also come from an inner wondering about your purpose in life, an impatience with small talk, a realisation that organised religion just doesn’t do it for you.

What is a spiritual companion?

These are the qualities and skills I bring as a spiritual companion


With compassion, discretion and respect, I will reassure and support you through careful listening, seeking fully to understand your personal story and circumstances.

Your Spiritual Journey
We may talk about your spiritual development, exploring that you are on a life-long journey developing heart and mind, compassion and consciousness.

Spiritual Connection
We may explore together the ways in which you can best develop and deepen your connection with the wonder and energy of life.

Silence and Meditation
We may take some quiet time together; meditation can be healing, reassuring and supportive.

If you are curious about finding out more, come and meet me, give me a call for a chat about what we can do together.