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I am now offering outdoor counselling sessions in line with safe distancing measures. There are several walks near my practice where we can safely and confidentially walk and talk. Please contact me if you would like to know more.
I also offer an outdoor telephone counselling session. This can take place on your daily walk, in your garden or outside space. This can be a ‘face-time’ call or a traditional telephone call. For more information please see here


Being outdoors gives you a different kind of ‘space’ in which to explore personal issues. This kind of setting is becoming more popular with people who enjoy being outdoors and especially young people who sometimes prefer this to their perceived formality of an indoor setting. We use the natural landscape for a counselling session instead of a room. I work in the Colne and Holme Valleys in West Yorkshire.

Face to face counselling in a room isn’t for everyone. Research has shown that being outdoors has huge benefits to our health and well-being, particularly in a natural environment, where there is space to think, to feel, to be.

Apart from the obvious physical benefits such as the natural endorphins that come from being active and outdoors, an increase in heart rate and the calorie burns there are other less tangible benefits.

Using the landscape can help you locate your internal, sometimes hidden feelings. Being outdoors can help create clarity around a situation, help you understand things better and help you find inner resources to deal with what is troubling you.

If we pause, reflect and connect with nature we find a different kind of energy to deal with the stuff that’s going on for us.