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My supervision groups are real opportunities to find support for client work particularly if you work outdoors. We cover areas such as taking clients outside for the first time, confidentiality, ethical considerations, how to assess client suitability, contracting and risk assessment.

The groups are a great way of connecting with others and finding support for your outdoor practice.

Our topics range from…

  • Working with nature as a metaphor
  • Parallels between the inner and outer landscape
  • The potential for spiritual connections.
  • Liminality and transitional working
  • Embodied ways of working


  • What do I do if it rains, snows, is too windy, too….
  • How to prevent getting too cold
  • What the best walking kit

I have spaces for group supervision and limited individual supervision. Currently these sessions are online but can be available as an outdoor option depending on your location.

If you would like to know more about how you can join a group, the cost and timesĀ  please email me to arrange a chat.