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working outdoors

I supervise practitioners who want to work with clients imaginatively and ethically outdoors based on eco-therapeutic principles. This can be as part of a monthly reflective practice supervision group or individual supervision for outdoor counselling and psychotherapy .

My reflective practice groups are real opportunities to find support for client work if you work therapeutically outdoors. We cover areas such as taking clients outside for the first time, confidentiality, ethical considerations, how to assess client suitability, contracting and risk assessment, embodied working, contact with nature. The groups are a way of connecting with others and finding support for your outdoor practice.

The supervision sessions will enable you to develop your outdoor practice, learn from others working in this way and reflect on your own relationship with the natural world and how this can influence and support your outdoor client work— whether you are new to this way of working, or a more experienced outdoor practitioner.

NEW DATES FOR GROUPS (currently online)

Group A Mondays 1.00 – 3.00 Group B Thursdays 9.30 – 11.30
25/1/21 28/1/21
22/2/21 25/2/21
22/3/21 25/3/21
26/4/21 29/4/21

The minimum group size is 4     Fee £45      (This can be counted as one hour of supervision BACP regs).

The maximum group size is 7     Fee £35     (Anything over 4 reduces the supervision hours proportionately)

If you would like individual supervision please contact me for availability.

Young people

Having worked in education for over 35 years I have considerable experience of working with young people. I also offer supervision for counsellors working with young people. Please contact me for more details