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I have a time limited offer of free supervision sessions for therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists who currently work outdoors or are considering working outdoors with clients.

I will complete my supervision training in the autumn 2020 and  can work with supervisees for my placement. I aim to set up a small group – maximum 3, and work with individuals.  The offer is for 3 online sessions starting in September.

You may already work with a supervisor and want additional supervision around outdoor working. Or you may have had some training in outdoor working and are now looking for a supervisor experienced in outdoor working. Or you may just be wondering if this is something you want to incorporate into your practice.

I have extensive experience of working outdoors, supporting people in groups and outdoor peer supervision as well as working with individual clients on walk and talk style counselling sessions.

Supervision availability

From October I will have capacity to offer supervision with a focus on working outdoors with individual clients or groups. These will be online and may include face to face, if social distancing allows.

There may be issues that relate directly to outdoor work that your current supervision may not cover such as taking clients outside for the first time, confidentiality, ethical considerations, how to assess client suitability, contracting and risk assessment.

You may  be looking to have group supervision with others who work in a similar way and who have an understanding of the practical and theoretical underpinning of this way of working.

You may also want to work with other practitioners who want to explore the therapeutic rationale of working outdoors with clients.

This might include:

  • Embodied ways of working
  • Working with nature as a metaphor
  • Parallels between the inner and outer landscape
  • The potential for spiritual connections.

There will also be  opportunities to share experience and gain support for your own practice.

Please contact me if you would like to chat this through