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You might be someone who prefers being outdoors.

So it might make sense to go outdoors when things get tough.

Counselling outdoors is very similar to a room-based consultation in that it usually lasts for an hour, is safe and confidential and can be at a regular time in the week.

Outdoor therapy generally means we work side by side and some people find this less intense and allows for easier conversations.

We can chat initially about the type of session you need – regular weekly hour long sessions or longer sessions every few weeks or months.

Here are some things people say about walk and talk counselling:

“I enjoy being outdoors. I find it easier to talk and can be myself”

Sarah 25

“I like walking side by side rather than being face to face in a room. Because it’s less formal than being in a room I can relax and talk things through more easily”

Callum 19

“Having counselling outdoors is great! I’ve had counselling before but found this difficult as I was confined to a room and felt uncomfortable. Being able to move around and be active really helped me say what I needed to say”

Simon 30