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Becoming who you are is not always easy.

Deciding on a career path, making educational choices, managing social media,  entering new relationships, transitioning from home to university or even back home from uni, making personal life choices  can all feel daunting as a young adult. Sometimes it can seem like everyone else has it all worked out.

Working things through with a ‘neutral’ person can be one of the ways of dealing with the stuff that’s going on for you. Talking about what’s going on for you and trying to make sense of things is not always easy to do on your own, with your family or even your closest friends, so it makes sense to find someone to help.

Counselling or Coaching?

You don’t feel you need counselling, but some help with motivation and ideas on how to get to where you want to go or do the things you really want to do. Is that you?

If you want to develop skills to help you help you reach your goals. Or you want to find better ways of dealing with stuff.  Coaching may be the option for you.

If you feel you would really benefit from talking to someone about things are worrying you maybe counselling is the right approach for you.

Indoors or outdoors?

You may prefer a less formal setting so maybe outdoors would suit you. Coaching and counselling sessions can be indoors or outdoors.

Online or Mobile?

If working online is more your thing I offer zoom calls. Or if you prefer a call on your mobile that’s possible too. Sometimes people need extra support when they get to university or are just starting to live away from home I offer settling in sessions to help you manage that process.

I work with young people from 16 upwards.

Information for Parents

You may be reading this because you are concerned about the young person in your life. If you would like to talk to me about organising counselling, speaking to your child about the options or want more information to help you make a decision please contact me and I can give you more information.

I have over 35 years experience of working with young people in education and counselling and have supported young people to thrive and manage their lives.

I have an information sheet specifically for parents which hopefully answers any questions you may have about getting started. Please contact me if you would like more information.

There are many useful websites with information to support parents here’s one I find helpful